$MINKA Utilities (for now)

1. Animation Pill
2. Kusho Merch Discount/ 100 $MINKA
Not yet final
3. $MINKA Lottery 10 $MINKA for lottery ticket 50% will be burn and 50% will go to the prize pot (can be once a month or fortnightly)
4. Onboarding payment for NFT Projects
100,000 $MINKA(can be changed before finalization) for onboarding NFT Project. NFT Projects under the Project MINKA will be eligible to use the marketplace, ranking system, and social media for the community.
5. Shinsekai Minkaverse
$MINKA will be used as native token inside the Project MINKA. Users can trade, collect, and create games inside the metaverse. 6. Kusho 3D Collection Mint price will be in $MINKA. TBD
7. MINKA Marketplace NFTs, Whitelist Spots, and many more will be available in our marketplace.
8. MINKA DAO Votation App A DAO application will be built for our upcoming possible projects in the Web3 Space.